Shoe care


Our goal is that Polecat shoes should live double as long as your other shoes, still when they are used every day.

To reach this goal we try our outmost to create strong and durable shoes with high quality, that can be used in as many different occasions as possible.

Still, these shoes need some love and care from time to time.

Please take some of our advises about shoecare.

  • Remove any excess dirt with a soft brush or soft cloth.

  • Remove the inlay sole before washing

  • Wash it in handwarm running water and clean with a cloth or a soft brush

  • Use a gentle soap if necessary

  • To dry them, first use paper towels to wick out excess moisture, then let them dry in room temperature without paper inside

  • For shoes with GORE-TEX it is also possible, and very efficient, to use a convection boot dryer

  • When the shoes are dry, they should be given a treatment to ensure an extended function and a long life. Many Polecat shoes are equipped with GORE-TEX. These should be treated exactly like shoes made without GORE-TEX. Depending on what outside material your shoes have you should treat them accordingly. Leather shoes should be treated with grease or oil. Nubuck shoes with oil or spray. Textile, mesh or other synthetic shoes with a water repellent spray. Please note that this is only needed when the original finish has been worn off.

If you want further recommendations please contact your nearest shoeshop or our service team via